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Written by Rogelio Velasco   
Sian kaan sunset

Pesca Maya Lodge opened its doors in 1996, in the state of Quintana Roo, México, with the purpose of offering touristic services sustainable by nature, such as Ecotours, Snorkel Excursions, Diving, Sport fishing, Wildlife Observation and Environmental Education. Since then we have earned the friendship of many of our clients, coming back to Pesca Maya year after year. This is our biggest reward and satisfaction. Our goal is to show in detail a little piece of this world, of breathtaking nature, and bring it close to our guests, with the love and conviction we stand for "To know is to love, to love is to preserve".

Our mission is to take you out for different adventures in contact with nature, in a way that will be safe, educational and fun.Within the last twelve years we have been working in the biosfere of Sian Ka'an and other areas, which has given us the expertise to locate and know about wild living animals.

Today, our promise is to offer each of our services adhering to truth and responsibility. Safety, punctuality and joy in the operation. We will always give our best to make sure you will have an enjoyable experience to remember.

We hope to welcome you on board, soon.


Yours sincerely,


Rogelio Velasco
Generallogo Manager




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