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For the nature oriented, Sian Ka’an is a tropical paradise of superlatives. Sian Ka'an means "where the sky is born" in Mayan – name for the 1.3 million acres of grass savannas, mangrove lagoons, white sand flats, and 70 miles of the second largest barrier reef in the world. The Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve is home to a variety of rare and spectacular creatures including dolphins, manatees, tropical fish and hundreds of species of exotic birds.

In the world of flyfishing, Sian Ka’an / Ascension Bay is considered one of the top ten places in the world for flats fishing, thanks to the abundance and variety of species in the area. It is one of the few places worldwide where you have the possibility of catching a “Grand Slam”: bonefish, permit and tarpon on the same day.

We have prepared different adventure packages and excursions for you
to create an unforgettable experience:

phoca thumb m grturtlesurfacing

Experience Sian Ka'an - Weekend package

Accomodations and Tour Outdoor activities beyond daily routine ... Take your visitors and family on a special trip!

phoca thumb m sian kaan wild dolphins

Wild Dolphin Encounter -  One day excursion

We'll start the day searching Ascension Bay for wild dolphins. There is a group of them living permanently in Sian Ka'an ...

phoca thumb m bonefish diana

FLY Fishing -  One day excursion

If you are looking for good flats fishing in the Riviera Maya, without a doubt, the world famous Bocapaila and Ascension Bay flats are your best choice...

phoca thumb m yamel y un jurel

 Fishing, Snorkeling & Ecotours

 One week package

It's wonderful for kids to share a day of fishing or snorkeling with their parents.   They will discover a new world and live  unique experiences, maybe you will find a  common activity for a lifetime.

phoca thumb m sian kaan reef

Discover the reefs -  One week package

Come and see the amazing colours of the  reefs with your own eyes ... take pictures of  free manatees, dolphins, turtles and  tropical birds.


Christine and Steve B. from NYC spent one week at our lodge in November:

Highly recommended for the adventurous!! Lots of time spent in small boats, and out in the weather. Just got back from a week at Pesca Maya with my husband and two friends. We had the experience of a lifetime! Our ecotour with guide Felipe included turtle and dolphin encounters, fabulous birding and a wonderful snorkel. Fly fishing was top-notch. All the head guides are exceptional, and assistant guides were hard-working and eager to please--all the guides are knowledgeable, and fun! Henry, Luis and Manuel put us on fish everyday--Henry gave me my first shot at a grand slam--he did his job--I didn't do mine--but I had fun trying ;-) Can't say enough great things about the guides. The Lodge is immaculate, and the food was hearty and good. Staff are all hard-working and happy. Being able to fall asleep with the ocean waves and wind lulling us into a deep slumber after a day on the water was priceless. We hope to go back, for sure. 

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